How to post from word 7?

Hello! Friends. Sometimes, to  blog fast we may use some extra help rather than just following the same  old procedure. So, this time we will get our selves updated by following a  new step in blogging. So, i  wouldn’t say that these are the most curious or special tips but this is just a suggestion. Hence these are some very common tips :

1.       Open your Word7 and go to the file option.
2.       Go to new and click on the Create a new blog post  option .
3.       Now register using your existing account, write the post and click publish.

So, this was the very simple trick from our archives. Thanks for reading and keep coming J  

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Anonymous said...

yes the MSword7 is cool now i get the some advantages of my word.

6 September 2011 at 09:21

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