Tips to make your blog look professional.

Hello Friends. We all want to make our site look the best but there are still things that are more important than good looks ( especially in the world of geeks ). The site should look good enough and professional enough for you to enjoy and make your readers happy. Think about it, If you were to take the tips from some blogger. You wouldn't like the Blogger to be having the non- professional looks, especially if you are better than the site you are looking at, then there is no need for you to have any recommendations from that clumsy site.

We are this time providing tips that will make your blog look professional in the eyes of the readers. So, here are the tips :

#1 : The site should have a good template with simple looks and not so much of charm and extra efforts. Everybody know, simpler is better.

#2 : The Blog should have  a good pagerank and rank in the ratings area. You cannot tell someone to follow the things you tell them if you can't even give them any advice to enhance the rankings. You can see this way : You can't tell people how to look if your eyesight is not good.

#3 : Add Facebook follow page and also have a facebook page. Even if you want and need traffic from Google, still the #2 site deserves to be in great help with you.

#4 : The content should be focused and keywords should be concentrated carefully. This will simply tell the unique pageviewers that your site contains what he needs.

#5 : Share your links from better blogs. The linklings   from better sites can get your site some good quality.

#6 : Add the daily post updates of your site on your pages or IDs on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter.

#7 : Keep the subscription option  in the sidebar. This will tell your users that your site is still very good.

#8 : Add pages to both up and down of your blog's header. This will enhance its looks and linkings.

#9 : Don't add too much ads in the sidebar. If you need to earn from ads, then go and try to add them between posts. The things embedded into posts make the readers to be aware of the quality of the web page.

#10 : Never add Ads in the lower area! The Ads in the lower area are completely out of niche these days. If you Add the Add in the sidebar or the upper area, then it will still look much better.

So, Making your blog look professional is the need of the hour, these tricks that will surely help  you. Thanks for reading and keep coming : ) 

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